It's of grave importance that we reunite according to the law of Matt.22:36-40 and St John 15:12. We as Hebrew Yisraelites are commanded by Yahweh and Yahweh Ben Yahweh to love one another as he has loved us. Yahweh Ben Yahweh in detail, performed His unyielding love for Yahweh in the mist of us. The world bearing witness of the return of The King! Yahweh Ben Yahweh said no man can take Him from us, according to the law Luke 17:21 that says the "Kingdom of Yahweh" who is Love, who is Yahweh Ben Yahweh, in Us, Yisrael! When Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Nation of Yahweh was indicted, as he was taken, we watched our Royal Crown be stripped from us. Now we  wear the Crown of Thorns. As he was taken, our hands and feet were Bound to the cross,  and there was a Falling away, 2Thes.2:3. Your love waxed cold, Matt.24:12. What we are saying is, all the love that Yahweh Ben Yahweh taught us was not instilled in us. Where is your One God, One Mind, One Love, and Your One Action? "Yisrael" you have abandoned your post  and the world can see your nakedness, your scoundrelness, your un devotedness, your cowardness, and your shamefulness. You have become betrayers, Matt.24:10 and have broken your vows.

St John 15:12 commanded us to love one another as he has loved us and the Law of Eph.5:2 says; we are to walk in that love. This means that we were to stand undivided, inseparable, and unbreakable having a perpectual patriotic duty to our God and Nation's way of Life that is in Yahweh Ben Yahweh. We're calling you Brothers and Sisters from the only preserved location ever mentioned by Yahweh Ben Yahweh. The only chance we have to Survive is Together. Yahweh Ben Yahweh left us a legacy equipped with over a thousand Books in Ibriy Yisraelite etiquette and thousands of educational lectures for reference. Yahweh Ben Yahweh alone will sit on the throne, as god forever Isa.9:6. But because of you inability to stand as one, you are deceived either of your own doings or someone else. This means that you are truly HYPOCRITES according to the law Matt.23:13 and False representatives, Luke 11:52. Have you ever thought to study Yahweh Ben Yahweh considering the things concerning his return in Matt.24:24-26, that there will arise False Christ and False "Yahweh Ben Yahwehs"? In verse 26 they will say Yahweh Ben Yahweh is in Atlanta or he is in California or he has come back. Verse 26 also commanded us that you are not to believe it; by saying You Will Not Go!!! The kingdom of Yahweh is within you, Luke 17:21.

Who are we? We are Yisrael, the לארשי besides us, there is no other! Have you not read that if anyone



Because of world-wide governmental corruption and scandals, the world has fallen into a moral and educational quagmire-(a difficult position). This irreparable decadency has caused the educational institutions to suffer more than any other segment of society because the young people look to the government and the schools as their only hope. The primary reason for this decadency is the lack of reverence for God and His laws, and the substitution of them with man-made doctrines and laws. The basic principles of success, education, and morality are found in the Bible, not in the doctrines and philosophies of man.  The separation of God and state has allowed humanism to excel, which has replaced God as the primary focus for salvation and hope. The minds of the world are being blinded by the constant images of violence and immoral behavior. Because the world does not see a better and productive alternative to what presently exists, it has embraced these images and behaviors as realities.  These results have been devastating- they have led to increased family violence, white collar crimes, and drug abuse. The public educational systems are producing illiterate students that are unable to fill the void created by technological advances.

It is clear that man's laws, his educational systems, and the many forms of governments are responsible for the many wars, social crimes, and immoral acts in the earth. God's laws are perfect and if kept, would logically produce a perfect society. Since less than perfection exists, man is the culprit. His callous and unjust use of power to manipulate the economical, political, educational, social, and moral climate on the earth is causing the moral people of the earth to rise up in righteous indignation against these forces. The many protests, and social and political reforms are an indication of the world's frustrations.

The primary purpose of an educational system is to train and develop its members moral and mental integrity. Theoretically, if this were the case, the educational system would insure that its members would be productive, resourceful, and effective, and would have already produced from within itself the qualified personnel to achieve its purpose; therefore, guaranteeing riches, wealth, and prosperity eternally.

Our Ministery consist of well studied servants of Almighty God Yahweh, teaching about his Laws, Statutes, Judgments, and Commandments. We welcome (All) to come study with us. Learning of Yahweh's Torah,  insures one GOAL--- One God, One Mind, One Love, and One Action! We teach the Torah because we believe it is the center core of where everything begins. Your Foundation, Your Duty, Your Mission, and Your Rest. Don't you recite in the Lord's Prayer "thy kingdom come, thy will be done" aren't you making an oath to the father that his will shall be done to build his kingdom? Through our ministries we teach you through the learning of the Torah, how to keep your promise. We've lost our way and don't have a clue in how to return. Mathew 15:24.

We've dedicated ourselves in opening Yahweh's first University in the city of Detroit to teach our people the way the Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh taught us; a particular way of studying. Once the way to study has been corrected, The Law is learned, The Law is Loved, and Yahweh's Law is kept. Our ministry is about James 1:22. We are labourers of the Law. We believe that if we learn together, we can build this great kingdom together. The Torah also teaches us how to fellowship together that strengthens a Bond for each other in loving our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves! Our ministry also teaches us to be Charitable. Yahweh's Torah is Charity, and without it you are Nothing! 1Cor. 13:2 When we were brought into bondage, the first thing our captors took from us, was our Charity, our Generosity. This was the fall of our Great Nation. Our Messiah came to restore, and his servants has answered the call and the mission to purify, sanctify, and justify Yahweh's children and Great Nation! Our ministry is looking for those who has excepted the family name 'Yisrael' to come and stand together under the laws of our Father Yahweh and his Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Will you come and be a part of restoring His Will, by learning the True and Supreme Torah of the land?


                             Peace and Praise,

         Yahweh and his Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh

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