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Welcome To The University Of יהוה


One of the most immeasurable part of the Ibriy (Hebrew) Yisraelite life style is their curriculum. As an educational institution "The University Of  יהוה curriculum can be envisioned from different perspectives; like our God, History, Culture, Language, and Land. What we as a society of  יהוה envision as important teaching and learning, constitutes the intended curriculum. However, at classroom level this intended curriculum may be altered through a range of complex classroom interactions, and what is actually delivered can be considered the "implemented" curriculum.


What students really learn is (what can be assessed can be demonstrated as learning outcomes/learner competencies) that constitutes the "achieved" or "learned" curriculum. There is also a hidden curriculum that  יהוה reveals to his students. 1 Corinthian 8:1.


But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory.


The intended development of personal values and beliefs of learners, teachers and communities under the Motto of "One God, One Mind, One Love, and One Action" has an predominate impact on our curriculum; explaining an unforeseen aspect of a learning process.Our Bible contains 66 books used as the main curriculum of our God, History, Culture, Language, and Land. Our curriculum teaches the student the 9 different written forms of the Bible. Allegorical, Metaphorically, Poetically, Prophetically, Probe, Literally, Symbolically, Figuratively, and Similes. Since we use the alphabet to form our words and sentences, The Alphabet serves as a system of signs, and signals that serve as equivalents for letters.


Case in point, lets start with Genesis 1:1 to express something unusual that took place prior to the heaven and earth being formed. By using "In" we will travel the metaphysical world as an elastic preposition, expressing relation of presence, existence, situation, inclusion and action. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The word "In" is composed of a secret language Cryptology the scientific study of cryptography and crypt-analysis.


Cryptography deals with enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code. We are dealing with a system of characters, signs and symbols, used to indicate letters. In is used as an allegory in Genesis 1:1 to express by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths generalizing about our existence. In essence we should be able to comprehend it’s metaphysical nature which is torah.  תרה  Torah pronounced to-raw signifying direction, teaching, and instruction. Torah comes from the root word  ירא  yara, pronounced yaw-raw meaning to point out. The torah is that which points out or indicates the will of יהוה to man. The word IN in Genesis 1:1deals with the estate of  יהוה , denoting the fact of seisin, title, and possession serving as an elliptical expression. If IN is used as an elliptical expression in its meaning, then the writer gave careful and thorough consideration to conceal its truth. The writer used cryptology to shape and form in your mind to not see what is obvious. IN functions as the estate of  יהוה his abode, his true domicile of origin. IN consist of a four dimensional gate of the four consonant name יהוה.     



Law- All Aspects Organic , Domicile of Origin, Domicile Of Choice, Domicile By Operation Of Law , Parliamentary , Foreign,  Maritime,  Flags,  Administrative, Private and Public.


Social Sciences- Geography, Citizenship, History, Economy/ Commerce, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, sociology.

Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Pure Mathematics.

Languages - Mother Tongue, Official Languages.

Personal Development/Life Skills - Health and Nutrition, Sex Education

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